— Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone
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rudysteiner-s asked: Hello, I'm thinking about buying one of your chaos walking art prints and I was wondering how long it takes to deliver to the UK?

Hi! According to Society6, they’ll make your order upon purchase which takes 3-5 days, then international shipping will take 1-3 weeks from there. They’re shipping from the US though so I don’t think you’ll have to wait too long.

PS: I just found out that there’s a promotion for free shipping and 5$ off going on right now so you picked a good time to ask about this! [:

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studioburson asked: Wow! I REALLY dig your art! So simple yet so beautiful. Keep it up :)

Hey, thank you ever so much for the kind words, they mean a lot to me! Your art and music are super lovely too, especially the illustrations *___* Keep doing what you’re doing, friend!

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So I’ve just started a three month internship! I guess that makes my silence on tumblr pretty self-explanatory. The only reason why I’m even on today is because I accidentally scratched myself in the eyeball and got a couple of days off, hence the somewhat wonky art done with one eye swollen and all. But… yeah. Things’ll be pretty quiet around here until May to June. Hopefully there’ll be time for art during that period but IDK. JSYK.

(Hello to my new followers by the way! You are awesome and I want to hug all of you.)

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incendiarism asked: omg i just saw vienna's release of the mix stems for Aims and I thought I recognised your artwork! that's so exciting!

Yep, that’s my artwork! I’m really honoured that you’d recognised it! Vienna got in touch with me sometime last October to do some art for Aims so you might be seeing more pieces soon. I’ve been keeping quiet about it for the longest time but it’s not a secret anymore I guess!

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Illustrated (books and things) 1/∞ when I first discovered Narnia

I’m currently rereading the entire series and feeling very nostalgic. Pauline Baynes was one of my first art influences; I’m pretty sure I spent hours just looking at her illustrations instead of reading, whoops.

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